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Laparoscopic spaying

Veterinarian Jelke Jan Smit was the first in the region to start laparoscopic surgery (January 2009) at Javastraat 67 (De Dierendokter). He spayes bitches only by laparoscopy and he no longer uses the old method of spaying. This newer, minimal invasive, technique is currently the first-choice technique by universities worldwide because of the advantages it offers. This is because all the mentioned benefits have been proved in various scientific studies.

At De Dierendokter at Javastraat 67 in The Hague your dog can be sterilized by means of this keyhole surgery, or laparoscopy.

The technique he uses is currently the smoothest and fastest method and the least invasive for the dog. By means of 2 small incisions (± 5 mm) the ovaries are removed. Through the first incision a camera is inserted into the abdominal cavity and through the second hole a ligasure tool is brought in to remove the ovary. The small incisions are sutured with 1 suture using dissolvable suture material.

Not only the sterilisation of the bitch can be done with this nice technique. Using laparoscopy, it is also possible to remove retained testicles, previously the abdomen had to be opened by a large abdominal incision.

The laparoscopy is used in human surgery for many years and for many procedures. It has amply proven itself. The advantages have also been demonstrated in veterinary medicine in various scientific studies!

More information about the keyhole surgery?

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Advantages laparoscopic surgery

  • It's fast, so a short anesthesia.
  • No tugging of the uterine ligaments, no hands in the abdomen.
  • Much less pain, almost painless!
  • A considerably smaller chance of complications.
  • A very fast recovery (hours).