Practice Information

The way we work

Dierenkliniek Zuiderpark is well equipped to carry out various examinations and treatments. For example, we have a blood analysis device to quickly determine various blood values, a  X-ray device for making digital X-rays, equipment to measure your pet's blood pressure and an ultrasound device for making ultrasounds of especially the abdomen. In the operating room, we have modern gas anesthesia and extensive monitoring equipment to optimally monitor the depth of anesthesia and the patient's condition.

We only work by appointment!

This means that there are no open consultation hours. We do this to service you even better. When you make an appointment in advance, we can estimate how much time we need to reserve for you. We also hope to reduce waiting times and to help you at the agreed time. The current appointment possibilities will be extended and more divided over the day, so you can also come to us in the morning and evening hours. Appointments can be made by phone on 070 - 345 61 13 and of course at the practice. For surgeries you cannot make an appointment online. Please call the practice to make an appointment.

We help emergency cases immediately!

The mission of the clinic remains the same: to get and to keep your pet in good health, so that you can enjoy him or her for as long as possible.

We understand that a visit to the vet is a costly affair for many people. Therefore, it is our goal to go for the best possible solution together with you and not for the most expensive and/or commercial ones. We think this is only fair, both to you and to your pet.

Costs of veterinary care explained in more detail

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys my grandmother always said and that certainly applies to good veterinary medicine.

There is quite a bit to be done to provide good care for your pet. It starts with the people who work in the clinic. You can expect them to have the knowledge to treat your pet as well as possible and with as little stress or pain as possible. Through regular post-doctoral training, veterinary conferences, and knowledge exchange among ourselves and with colleagues from all over the country, we ensure that our knowledge is kept up to date.

If you want to make money you have to go into trading business, also a statement from grandma

Our team consists of committed people, who grew up with pets themselves. We work in an animal clinic because we love animals, not because we want to sell as many bags of food or pet supplies as possible. Making and keeping your animal healthy is our main concern and therefore it has all our attention. It is not a marketing tool nor an assembly line job.

Good care also means a continuous investment in your tools and education. We have access to state-of-the-art blood analysis devices and digital X-ray as well as ultrasound equipment. We reduce the anesthesia risk as much as possible using anesthesia monitoring equipment at hospital level.

Being a veterinarian is not a profession, but a calling, another wisdom of the past.

We don't have a 9 to 5 job, because animals are of course not only sick within those times and/or you are not always able to visit the practice within those times. Since 1 January 2019 we only work by appointment. This is to avoid long waiting times.

Outside opening hours, we send (emergency) patients to the “Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Den Haag”. This is a state-of-the-art animal hospital with passionate veterinarians and vet nurses. During the day this hospital is a Veterinary Specialist Center for complicated surgery and internal veterinary medicine, and also for example CT-scan examination.

You will understand that veterinary care comes at a price. After all, a veterinary practice is not a garden center or retail chain that lures customers with stunt prices. After all, stunt prices are nothing more than a way to make money. Because you buy extra things or you have to pay extra for repeat consultations or overpriced additional surgery, nail clippings, etc.

Honesty lasts longest, the last cliche

That is why you can expect integrity from us (and you should!). Together with you, we will go for the best suitable treatment, where quality of life is paramount. So that you can enjoy your pet for as long as possible. And then we will secretly enjoy a little along with you...

Dear Client,

The practice is open. We have taken many precautions in order to be able to safely help you and your pet. We kindly request you to come with only one person and it is mandatory to wear a face mask in the practice. If you have symptoms of Covid, please stay home and send someone else with your pet.

Kind regards,

Team Dierenkliniek Zuiderpark